Profile on implementation of Public Distribution Systems in Pherzawl District as on 12.03.2018

The Department of Consumer Affair Food & Public Distribution (CAF & PD) in Pherzawl has a network of 57 Fair Price Shops in Pherzawl district. The Department plays an important role in procurement and supply of Food grains to the general public through the Fair Price Shop centres. There are about 843 household under AAY families in Pherzawl district.There are 30401 population under Priority houshold in the district.

The main target of the department is to make NFSA rice and other items available to the public at minimum supporting price. The NFSA rice ensures availability of essential commodity items mainly rice at a very low price to mostly of the unprivileged and marginalized people. The regular supply of NFSA rice to the Public not only benefited the poor, but also directly or indirectly control the existing price hike in the market.

NFSA rice is issued to Rationing Agents for onward distribution to the beneficiaries at the scale of 35 Kgs per AAY card holders and 5 Kgs per head to Priority card holders @ Rs 3/- per Kg.

Present monthly quota of NFSA Rice allotted to PHERZAWL is given below:

SL.No. No.&Name of A/C AAY(In Qtls.) AAY(Household) PHH(In Qtls.) PHH(Population) Total (In Qtls.)
1 55-Tipaimukh Vangai Parbung 164.859.45 471 27 521.05 602.35 10421 12047 685.90 611.40
2 56-Thanlon 120.75 345 396.65 7933 517.40
Total 295.05 843 1520.05 30401 1815.10


  1. AAY:- At the rate of 35 Kgs per Household.
  2. PHH:- At the rate of 5 Kgs per head.
Name of AC No of FPS Center Monthly NFSA Rice Quota (Qtl.) Rate per Qtl. (Rs) Total Amount (Rs)
55-Tipaimukh (Parbung area) 12 611.80 300.00 1,83,540.00
55-Tipaimukh (Vangai Area) 22 685.90 300.00 2,05,770.00
56-Thanlon(Thanlon Area) 23 517.40 300.00 1,55,220.00
Total 57 1815.10 300.00 5,44,530.00
Grand Total 424 12,918.75 38,75,625.00